The Body

Meditate and discover the wisdom that the body holds. Paramananda shows us how to bring a kind and inquiring awareness to our physical experience. Through a variety of thoughtfully led meditations he teaches us how to listen to our bodies, to hear the messages we often ignore. We can quickly feel the benefits in a deeper, fuller and more satisfying understanding of ourselves and our relationships. Reconnecting with our bodies we can: Contact the richness of the sensations and emotions stored in our bodies. Listen to deeper parts of ourselves. Discover a more intuitive approach to life. Feel the physical joy of being alive.

A Deeper Beauty

Speaks directly to our hearts about what is truly important to us, whether we are making a cup of tea or sitting at the bedside of a dying friend. Using simple exercises, reflections and meditations, we can awaken to the magic of being fully present in each moment.

Change Your Mind

Paramananda’s light style helps to answer the bigger picture of ‘why meditate?’ as well as walk us through the mindfulness of breathing and the lovingkindness meditations. With key reminders on the importance of our body and suggestions on working with it in meditation, he also considers the distractions, how to set up and maintain a regular meditation practice, insight and further levels of consciousness.

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